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Meet The Chef
Kristian Findley
Chef and CEO: Sippin' Kitchen
Sous Chef/ Manager: Beli Full Queenz

       Born in Jamaica, and surrounded by a family that loves to cook and drink, it was almost inevitable that I knew my way around the kitchen and liquor cabinet. As years passed by, I developed many culinary techniques and a passion for cooking. The beginning of my culinary career was in 2015 when I became a sous chef at my mother's restaurant, Beli Full Qzeen located in Miramar, Florida. 



      I created Sippin’ Kitchen due to the fact that, throughout college and still 'til this day friends have come to me for tips on dishes or minor help in the kitchen. Another influence on Sippin’ Kitchen was that I love to have a glass of wine while cooking. I am looking forward to sharing my creations through my cooking classes, recipes, and caterings. I wanted to not only help others make food but to create a fun learning experience while sippin’ a glass of wine and cheffing up a tasty wholesome meal. 

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